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Using Matrix for content builders is a very common pattern but experience has found that it lends to content bloat and can become quickly unwieldy with extensive schemas containing numerous blocks. This content modeling approach can also result in decreased entry save performance and increased page processing load times. An alternative to this approach is to structure your content blocks/components as Entries in their own structure and feed them to page entries using relationship fields. This allows a content editor to reuse content blocks in various entries in the site while also allowing performance and content organization improvements. Craft 4 improvements in entry relationship fields, Collections, and the slide-out editing menu also enhances and improves this content modeling approach.

This site was created to showcase this approach in a real-world example, to accompany the presentation of the same topic at the 2022 Craft CMS Dot All conference in Brooklyn, New York. The backing codebase is available for reference on this public Github repo. If you would like to get access to the Craft CMS admin dashboard for a look behind the curtain of the schema backing the site, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to set you up with a user.